Sunday, October 25, 2009

My first ever poem written by me (and yes, it's sad)

The end of our 10 years is here
To sign the papers and walk away
But in my heart of hearts I feel
Like this is a mistake and I should stay

I know I've done some horrible things
And don't deserve your love in any way
But I know that when I sign my name
It'll be the beginning of real pain

I'm sorry now for what I've done
To treat a prince like common scum
I kept my feelings all inside
And now I can't hide them, hard as I try

So because you were so good to me
I'll let you go, I'll set you free
I wish you all the best in life
And hope one day I'll forgive myself

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Super awesome giveaway

An incredible Christian artist is giving away one of her awesome pieces of work-and you get to choose which one you like better. (I've already made my decision:) So check out this page: to enter. Good luck to me, I mean to all!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Blog giveaway

Check out this awesome giveaway from a beautiful website:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome to the Georgia Etsy Street Team summer sale!

Visit these Georgia Etsy Street artists offering fantastic sales between
Sunday, June 21st to Sunday, June 28th!

Visit these participating Etsy shops to find your Peachy Deal:

Amber's Aromatherapy
Bath products, specifically soaps and lip balm, custom blended teas, and jewelry.Free shipping and free custom blended tea

Amelia's Soap Co.
Handmade soap products
15% off all individual soaps

Berd & Bee
20% off handmade housewares

Bijouterie by Nipurna's Creation
Unique and modern Handmade jewelry, one of a kind and excellent prices
All item 15% off.

Birds and Cherries
Photography with a somewhat quirky point of view!
Free surprise bonus print with all orders during the sale

Crafters Crossing
Handmade Swarovski crystal and wire jewelry.
10% off merchandise orders totaling up to $99.99.
15% off merchandise orders totaling $100 or over

Deb's Pane In The Glass
Stained Glass items from Lamps, Suncatchers to Window Panels & Business Card Holders, Note pad Holders.
Free Shipping in the USA & discount internationally: $5.00 and $2.50 for a second item.

Deuce Goods
One of a kind handmade accessories.
All items 20% off.

Echo d'Amour
Custom jewelry designs - monograms and more!
20% off all orders during the sale

Handmade bath products
15 percent off store wide

Fine Art by Rachel M Cotton
Free Shipping on Original Artwork
Surprise orginal ACEO with each order over $20

Fluffy Flowers
cute creatures & pretty pouches
HALF off on select Zipper Pouches

Growin Like A Weed
Specializing in hand- painted children's growth charts, step stools and room accessories.
All items 15% off.

Inky Illustrations by Tamara Garvey
Lovely, whimsical pen-and-ink illustrations made into prints and stationary.
All Prints 15% off, please use coupon code Peach15 and either wait for yourdiscounted invoice, or pay and I will refund your 15%.
Handmade one of a kind pillows, purses, diaper/travel bags, scrapbook covers, tissue box covers
15% off everything in shop

K. Berlin Metalsmith
Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry - Precious Metals and gems
Free Shipping on All items

Lydia's Spa Collections
Natural Bath and Body Products With Fabulous Fragrances
10% off everything in the shop with free shipping

Maria Luna and Kartu
handcrafted artisan jewelries and fine art nature photography
15% off excluding sale items

Miss Molly Cottage
All items 20% off

Nanty's Naturals
Natural, Handcrafted Soaps
15% off all soaps and a free mini sample soap with any purchase

no flying in the house
handmade original artwork and vintage items
free shipping on all items

Painted Paws Folk Art
Dog Folk Art
prints 15% off and free shipping of prints

Princess Ciarra Raye's Designs
For the Little Girl Inside You
Free Shipping and a Free Gift to with every Purchase.
Buy 1 get one free gift, Buy 2 get 2 free gifts and so on. You won't be disappointed with the gifts. Valued at $10 or more

Vintage and handcrafted jewelry and accessories
1/2 off all vintage

Smelly Rhino Studio
Original paintings, prints and cards
10% off storewide (excl. PIF and Charity items). Free shipping on all orders over $10! Surprise Summer treat with every purchase!

SweetPea Boutique
Colorful hairbows and clips for girls of all ages
Buy one hairbow or clip set and get one of equal or lesser value for half price!

Whisper Wing Studio
Handcrafted Jewelry
All items in sale 15% off

Worthy Soy Candles & Crochet
Soy Candles & Unique Crochet!
Buy One Get One 50% Off on Specially Marked Items! Over 30 to choose from!!!

These shops are participating in the sale, but you can always find other items from our team members anytime by searching for "GaEtsyTeam". Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Giveaway from a jewelry artist

Check out her blog to win!

One of the prizes is pictured here.

She is also having a great sale:
Untill June 1st I'm going to have a little sale! 20% off anything and everything in either my Etsy or Artfire shops-- *BUT* you have to add a note with the word *blog* in it. On every purchase from here to midnight on the 31st I'll refund 20% of the item cost as long as the note is there. This is just for my blog buddies. No note, no refund!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Leave a comment, win something!!!

Just to see who's actually following my blog, I will send your choice of a sample of soap, 2 custom blended tea bags (your choice), lip balm or a painted magnet to whomever leaves a comment on my blog. Free stuff, awesome!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My good deed for the day

Since Chris and I are sick as dogs (how sick do dogs get?) I took Kyle to my Mom's and proceeded to Wal-Mart for a small, sick-shopping spree. Before I had even turned my car off, I had a strange man standing at my door. I saw what looked like key-chains in his hands, so I figured he wasn't after my purse. I opened the door and got out and read his little note:"Pardon me, I am disabled and hearing impaired person am selling key chain to support my family, it will be helpful to my family, to make a decent living, make a $3.00 donation. Thank you for your kindness May God bless you..."

Now I know what you're thinking, total scam. But, what the hell, I decided if he's scamming then he'll have to answer for it in the afterlife and I will at best have done something good for a stranger, or at worse, wasted my money. So I bought the thing. It is a multi-colored and multi-layered foot. Why a foot? Why not an ear? Wouldn't that make more sense? hehe... Guess that's wrong of me to think.

So having purchased my silly looking key chain, I proceeded to Wal-Mart to buy Golden Seal - an herb my Mom swears keeps strep from attaching to your throat if you gargle with it (which tastes horrible. btw), soft tissues, cough drops, chicken noodle soup, two boxes of mac and cheese, and of course a book. Who can stand being sick without a new book? Well, Chris didn't agree with me since the book was almost $20, but he just shook his head like he always does when I do something dumb. (like hit a mailbox with my side mirror or hit a curb, damaging the front of the car) But come to think of it, he did kind of yell about those - it was our cars, after all. So no crafting today, but a surprise will come tomorrow! Stay posted!