Thursday, November 27, 2008

Poem written by Lorene McPherson

The days are long, the nights are even longer.
I'm fettered and shackled by the burden og
illness, discontent and loneliness.

I try to free myself to face a new tomorrow
But instead the straps are drawn tight
And the burden is made heavy

I'm weary, I'm tired, I hope for a place
To rest and then new trials surround me.
I search for a song and find only discord.

I long for sunshine and laughter.
I find grey clouds of doubt and a mocking
Bitter wind to chill the aching body as ne'er before.

I life my head in an effort to call for help but feel God is too far away.
The walls of my abode seem to imprison me and I wonder will there be a tomorrow!

Yes, tomorrow will come and it will bring Victory!
For I know too well my Redeemer liveth.
For yes, I've been surrounded by doubt before
But have always found God was always near.
He never leaves me alone.
He only lets me find the true patch through the maze.

The Clouds of doubt begin to life and a blue sky of promise
Shines through. Faith is truly renewed and another battle
Is won over the oppressor, which gives me the courage to go on.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Poem written by my talented brother

New Beginnings

history has been changed today
its a day of new beginnings
a black president has been elected
regardless of my opinion

the election was made to be about race
not voting on the facts
for many voted on the color of skin
trying to make an impact

or should i have said trying to make history
the ignorance is incredible
who cares if he was raised by radical Muslims
all this seemed to be invisible

or what about the lack of patriotism
for the country he would lead
its as if he doesn't even care
its manifested in every deed


p.s. hope the minorities are happy, they finally got their black president whether its best for the country or not.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New tea to try

Everyone knows how much I love tea and I just stumbled onto this site today, so check it out:

Here is their specific page for teas: