Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just Stuff #5 Swap-piano heart

This swapper from Hawaii sent me a copy of an old song, some really cute buttons and brads, 2 tea bags, and an envelope of cancelled stamps and an envelope of japanese pictures. All of which was listed on my profile as my likes. She did a great job matching this stuff up to me.

Tea for Two-myrrmaid

I received 6 tea bags, an envelope of stevia and a vitamin c packet. Very handy since I work in a pharmacy.

Knifty Knit Tea Swap-Aimee Lee

I received this awesome package for the knifty knit tea swap on swap-bot. I received some really nice yarn, tea in a canister (yummy btw), Vermont pumpkin spice bread mix, lemon scented soap, 2 hand knitted items, yummy lip gloss and some really cute tea cup charms. I was very impressed with this package.

Christmas Tea swap-zigg13pra-Kelli

She sent me 6 tea bags, an orange drink mix, cute Christmas card, and holiday stickers. Yum

A Quick Christmas Yum Swap-LiveTilWeLaugh

This swapper sent me over 60 different candies all individually wrapped. It must have taken her forever. She sent my favorites too. Very nice.

Angeled swap-Invisible-Carrie

This awesome person angeled several swaps that I have been flaked on. She sent me 3 different kinds of yarn, several different kinds of tea bags, a handmade Irish kissing ball, scrapbooking supplies, and some stationary. She did it just to do it, no reason or rating involved.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Swap-Tea Party for Two

I received this package from user rockcandy. She sent various tea bags and a neat little ginger instant mix.

Swap-Colors, colors, colors

Here is an awesome package I received from user melissahead. She sent me 2 notebooks (one is a moleskin notebook), sandalwood candles, red and white stiped socks, green tea gum, handmade card and handmade gift tags (when she said she had sent several handmade items, it took me awhile to figure out which ones they were-her items look awesome!). She also sent tea bags, cinnamon mints and red rough ribbon. I love everything-she did a great job picking stuff out.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Update on Kyle

Well, Kyle's infection seems to be about gone. Thank God, it is hard to deal with a sick kid, work and the holidays. Being worried about him makes me physically ill. I went to the doctor today for my knee that's been giving me issues. Apparently my knee cap does not line up, so it pops alot. I was kneeling on the kitchen floor last week playing with Kyle, when I guess I leaned the wrong way because my knee popped really loud, then started hurting. Yesterday I was at the point where I could hardly get up and down the stairs. I received a cortisone shot at the doctor's office, and a few mild pain pills. Now I can go to work tomorrow without being in agony. Friday morning I have an appointment to see a physical therapist to learn some excercises to strengthen my knee to hopefully prevent this from happening again.
I am sending out our Christmas cards over the weekend-look for a super cute picture of Kyle in his Santa outfit!