Thursday, February 19, 2009

My good deed for the day

Since Chris and I are sick as dogs (how sick do dogs get?) I took Kyle to my Mom's and proceeded to Wal-Mart for a small, sick-shopping spree. Before I had even turned my car off, I had a strange man standing at my door. I saw what looked like key-chains in his hands, so I figured he wasn't after my purse. I opened the door and got out and read his little note:"Pardon me, I am disabled and hearing impaired person am selling key chain to support my family, it will be helpful to my family, to make a decent living, make a $3.00 donation. Thank you for your kindness May God bless you..."

Now I know what you're thinking, total scam. But, what the hell, I decided if he's scamming then he'll have to answer for it in the afterlife and I will at best have done something good for a stranger, or at worse, wasted my money. So I bought the thing. It is a multi-colored and multi-layered foot. Why a foot? Why not an ear? Wouldn't that make more sense? hehe... Guess that's wrong of me to think.

So having purchased my silly looking key chain, I proceeded to Wal-Mart to buy Golden Seal - an herb my Mom swears keeps strep from attaching to your throat if you gargle with it (which tastes horrible. btw), soft tissues, cough drops, chicken noodle soup, two boxes of mac and cheese, and of course a book. Who can stand being sick without a new book? Well, Chris didn't agree with me since the book was almost $20, but he just shook his head like he always does when I do something dumb. (like hit a mailbox with my side mirror or hit a curb, damaging the front of the car) But come to think of it, he did kind of yell about those - it was our cars, after all. So no crafting today, but a surprise will come tomorrow! Stay posted!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Georgia Etsy Team Meeting

On Sunday, I met two members of this wonderful yahoo group. We met at Manuel's Tavern in Atlanta, which I had never been to. It was neat, but what was neater was how much knowledge you can get from listening to other crafters. I got advise on my products, packaging and how to get my name out there. I gave the other women, Rebecca and Diane, some of my products to try, and they loved them! Made me feel so good. I've been experimenting with my products for a long time, and feel I have found the best quality and most wonderful body products. Here's a link to their Etsy pages-another wonderful thing I have found:'s page's page

I am just amazed at the talent out there. (I'm kind of jealous actually:)