Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Long time no see

Logging in tonight to post a blog, I realized how long it's been since I posted. Guess that's what a full time job, 3 year old, and sickness does to your schedule. Today my husband did a wonderful thing, he bought me something I actually like (love actually) without being prompted. Yes, I know, impossible right? Nope! Chris went to Lenox Mall today with his boss for an anniversary lunch and he went to the Godiva store and bought me a very expensive chocolate covered strawberry. I have been on a chocolate covered strawberry kick lately. He then messaged me to ask me if there was anything I wanted. As you see from the second picture, he then went to the Teavana store and bought me 4 oz of their very delicious Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Green Tea Pearls. This is one of my favorite teas of all time, and their Jasmine tea is the best. It is hand rolled and very expensive. So I feel like a queen now. Well, off to eat and drink my snacks!

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