Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Update on Kyle

Well, Kyle's infection seems to be about gone. Thank God, it is hard to deal with a sick kid, work and the holidays. Being worried about him makes me physically ill. I went to the doctor today for my knee that's been giving me issues. Apparently my knee cap does not line up, so it pops alot. I was kneeling on the kitchen floor last week playing with Kyle, when I guess I leaned the wrong way because my knee popped really loud, then started hurting. Yesterday I was at the point where I could hardly get up and down the stairs. I received a cortisone shot at the doctor's office, and a few mild pain pills. Now I can go to work tomorrow without being in agony. Friday morning I have an appointment to see a physical therapist to learn some excercises to strengthen my knee to hopefully prevent this from happening again.
I am sending out our Christmas cards over the weekend-look for a super cute picture of Kyle in his Santa outfit!

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